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Shamanic Reiki


                Marg Tudino

What Is Reiki? The awareness that an unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of a person's health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. This life energy goes by many names qi in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India. The ancient Hawaiians called it ti or ki. It has been called orgone energy and elan vital, and science refers to it as biofield energy.

   When your life energy is low, it is more difficult to deal with stress; you may not sleep well, and you're more susceptible to illness. When your life energy is strong, you feel strong, can more easily deal with stress, and less likely to get sick. Reiki is a technique that increases a person's supply of life energy.

   Reiki energy allows muscles to relax and increase blood flow to treated areas, which in turn quickens the healing process. Practitioners and clients report help with stress, headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, sprains and other conditions.

   Reiki also promotes psychological healing, including release of anger, fear, worry, sadness and other unhealthy feelings, and replaces them with self-worth, confidence and tranquility.

What is Shamanism?Shamanism is a practice that involves a  practitioner to interact with the spirit world reaching altered states of consciousness and channel these transcendental energies into the world for healing. Traveling  to the spirit world or alternate realities they  retrieve power, energy and wisdom that can be used for the betterment of their people. Shamans have expanded sensory perception and a spiritual relationship to nature and unseen realities.

For the Shaman the ability to heal comes from the elements and helping spirits. Indigenous shamans teach that nature can balance,revitalize and shift consciousness.

What is Shamanic Reiki?  Shamanic Reiki is the honoring and blending  of two timeless ancient wisdom teachings, creating practical approaches to modern day illness of the body, mind and spirit. In Shamanic Reiki the practitioner becomes an  open vessel for the  Universal Life Force Energy to flow through  while connecting to nature and nature spirits, traveling to  various altered states of reality, with their spirit guides, to empower their client in healing illness and trauma in this life or  past life.

                                About Me

   I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui/Tibetan lineage , since 1998, as well as a Shamanic Reiki Master/Teacher through "Shamanic Reiki World Wide" with Llyn Roberts, Stacy Gibbons and Faculty. Over the past twenty five years I have worked in holistic practices and  Indigenous teaching.

From holding space for people in Reiki and Shamanic Reiki sessions, absentee healing work and classes to training and holding traditional sweat lodges as well as  walking the Sacred Path of The Labyrinth, my journey has been one of my own healing and opening to the  heart. I invite you to travel this path as well, healing your past wounds and opening to the joy of  life's journey.

I am also a Visionary Artist  creating "Soul Portraits and Spirit Dolls" as well as sharing my vision and journey through each work of art

I am also   a mother of three a wife, grandmother and  organic gardener.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Where Earth and Sky Meet

Shamanic Reiki
Usui-Tibetan Reiki

Relax, Renew,Heal


        The Reiki Ideals

 The secret art of inviting happyness

The miraculous medicine of all disease

        Just for today, do not anger

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

        Devote yourself to your work

               Be kind to people

        Every morning and evening

         join your hands in prayer

    Pray these words to your heart and

    chant these words with your mouth

        Usui Reiki Treatment for the

        of body and mind improvment

             The founder  Usui Mikao

Healing  Services

Services offered:​ Call for an appointment:


Gift Certificates available



*30 minutes session    $40

*60 minutes  session  $75



Shamanic Reiki









*60 minutes Shamanic Reiki $85

$1 per minute after 60 minutes

*Absentee Healing Session $85

Life Coaching

Through sharing and guidance from my own life experiences and training, I will be here to help support and guide you in seeking and achieving your personal  and  or professional  goals. Through sharing one on one, we will travel together as you find your way upon your Sacredhealing  journey.

Sessions are one on one, by appointment 

on zoom or in person, payable in advance    

sessions $75 for one  hour











Shamanic Reiki Classes

Shamanism and Reiki are powerful paths for healing. When combined their powers are multiplied.

Shamanic Reiki is an evolving , estatic art inviting us to work in increasingly dynamic ways with Universal Life Force Energy 

This is for in person and on line classes

* Shamanic Reiki Level I    $150

 *Shamanic Reiki  Level II    $250 


* Shamanic Reiki Level lll   $350


*Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher apprenticeship training is available for those who wish to teach

Usui/Tibetan Reiki 

One year Program






Walking The Sacred Path

Thursday November 18th

Time: 7:15-9:00 pm

Place: Thrives In East Greenwich

Labyrinths are sacred imprints.

They do not engage our minds but instead invite us to open  to our intuitive, pattern-seeking symbolic self. To enter a Labyrinth is to walk a spiritual path, ultimately bringing peace, beauty and preservation of life on Earth.

In this experiential class we will talk about some basics history of the Labyrinth. We will create a sacred circle and then I guide us through a gentle Shamanic Journey, where from their each person will have the opportunity to walk this sacred path, inviting their intuitive spiritual mind to come fourth, finding clarity, finding center and the Sacred path to the Divine

This is a two hour class

Where comfortable cloths

Bring a small item you would like to leave at the alter.

for example: a flower. rock tobacco.

The cost for this class is $30 per person 

Dates of next walks

Thursday November 18th


$30 per person

For Directions contact Marg


or you can go to

to reserve your space and pay


labyrinth photo.jpg
     Classes for Healing 
        Drawing The Light From Within
                       Beginner Class
Life Can be hectic and oh so busy and sometimes it is easy to lose sight of our own inner spark and beauty. In this workshop, through the use of meditation/visualization, we will take time to relax and reconnect to our own inner light using the creative process and the mandela, round form, as a means of expression.
This is a Two hour class
No prier art experience necessary
all supplies included

       Drawing the light from Within

   Only through inspired self-knowledge do we gain the kind of transparency that renders us previous to the light within. Then we drop the solid wall by which we ordinarily defend ourselves against the light and the beauty  in others. What nobler task could there be for art? What a greater challenge and responsibility could there be for the person-you and me.
                    George Feuerstein, M.LIT

  Is Creativity a learned skill? Does everyone posses the ability to bring fourth, through the creative process that inner light that is within us all?
  Through guide meditation/visualization
exercises and practical skill building projects, with the use of Judith Cornell's book "Drawing The Light From Within" you will be given the tools to see "through the eyes of inner awareness" using your own inner light" to create works of art.
This is a 16 week class payable by the month
$70 per month
a supply list will be available at the beginning of each month
this class is on zoom ID and Pass word are posted on face book

art work 421.JPG


       Up Comming

Shamanic Reiki Classes

 Shamanic Reiki Class Schedule

           2020-2021 On Zoom

Shamanic Reiki Level l

StartingNovember 20 th
class time-10:00-12:00
This is a 4 week class on zoom

In this experiential class you will learn about Reiki Universal Life Force Energy and the practice of Shamanism  and how the two integrate and enhance our personal healing journey and our work with others.

* Learn how to channel Shamanic Reiki healing energy
*Journey to find your sacred place and spirit Allie
*Learn how to give Shamanic Reiki to self and others and much more

Once you have paid for this class email me and I will send your link
Class Cost$150

Shamanic Reiki level ll
This is a Five week class on zoom

To Be announced

Shamanic Reiki level ll  deepens the integration of two ancient healing forms, Shamanism with Reiki. You will practice time-tested methods that enhance intuition and expand consciousness as you:
* Receive The Shamanic Reiki level ll attunement
* Establish an inner sanctum
* Activate your ability to transmit healing forces across time and space
*Increase the potency of the energy you channel and receive and give a Shamanic Reiki treatment
*Practice simple Shamanic Reiki absentee healing and much more.

Required reading : Shamanic Reiki by Llyn Roberts

Once you have  paid for class email me and  I will send you your link

Class Cost $250


Shamanic Reiki lll Master Practitioner  

To be Announced
Shamanism  teaches us to use the powers of nature to heal. In the ancient system of Reiki , we channel life force energy to heal and restore balance, In this Master level certification program, we experience the combined  power of Shamanic and Reili healing and applied details, proven methods to enhance our healing skills for practice with others and for personal well being.
Through ancient practices and dynamic and partner exchange,  we gain hands on experience in healing work.
We apply Shamanic Reiki approaches  to past events.
Remove energy to:
- Expand consciousness and work with Spirit Guides.
-Balance energetic trauma and shift attachments to past events
-Remove energy intrusions using advanced methods
-Attune to the master Reiki energy via symbols, plants and transmission.
-Conduct comprehensive absentee healing sessions.
-Shamanically  travel to prevent soul loss and restore soul qualities.
- Integrate  Reiki with Tibetan, Mayan, Quechua, and Siberian practices and sacred items

Join like minded people in a lively experiential gathering. Reconnect with nature's transformative powers and the inate ability to heal and balance through complex times

This training is open to level two and or Master Reiki practitioners.

Required Reading:
Roberts and Levy, Shamanic Reiki, Speaking With Nature; Roberts, Shape Shifting into Higher Consiousness and The Good Remembering
Cost $350


Contact Information

also on Face Book


          Listen To The Whispers Of those                                     Benevolent   Ancestors                                           

Spirit  Of The Jaguar
Voices Of  The Stone People
We ground our roots in the Heart of the Earth and  raise our hand to the Hearts of  the Heavens
        All Life Has Spirit
And Energy We Can Connect   To

 Wind  Horse Sacred
         Spirit Dolls


Shamanic Reiki Absentee          Healing Sessions


           Absentee Healing 

Absentee Healing or long distance healing is just what its name implies, it is offering Shamanic Reiki dispite client and practitioner not being in the same room together, there is no limit how far apart the two can be from one an other. How is this possible?Spirit and Reiki energy transcend location, time and space. The universal life force is non-dual by nature and not held by laws that govern a 3-D reality. It can move back in time and even into the future. In the Shamanic Reiki world view this is represented through the concept of oneness. We are all connected through time and space by luminous filaments of energy just as the internet is a web of communication, this living web of light informs and connects all of sentient life.
Llyn Roberts
Shamanic Reiki

When we Add Shamanic practices to Reiki we enhance or amplify the energy and the results are deeper and longer lasting . This is whether the person is infront of us or thousands of miles away.

1 hour $85
$1 per minute after


 Wind Horse  Sacred Spirit Dolls

"Wind Horse is a symbol of the human soul in Shamanic Traditions of the East, combining the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from Earth to Heaven"

Wind Horse  Spirit Dolls  are a call from Spirit to your heart. They are ancient beings that can be a mirror or bridge to hidden parts of self. They are friends that hold your heart through good times and bad.

As you begin to feel the love and support from them,  you begin to feel that love and support flow back to you. You begin to see how amazing, magical and beautiful you truly are.

 Your doll  may connect to you in the dream time  or in Shamanic Journeys. They are beings that live on the other side  waiting to help you on life's journey.

I create Spirit Dolls for others through Shamanic Journey and Shamanic Reiki Absentee Healing sessions.

For more information on this process contact me by email


          Absentee Healing with Spirit Doll

Shamanic Spirit Doll Weekend Workshop

To be announced  
In this weekend workshop we will explore Sacred Time working with the breath. We will create Ceremony and release to Grand father Fire that which no longer serves us. you will walk the Labyrinth and Shamanic Journey to find your Sacred Place, meeting Spirit Guides and Allies. Connecting to them, you will then recreate him/her in , linear time, through the use of a varity of creative supplies as well as collected objects .
" May the Spirit that you meet and create, bless you and bring you closer to the love of Creator and the Great Mother Earth"
Meeting time:
Cost for this weekend workshop $225

                      Spirit Dolls
Dolls save Lives. They do. Think about it.  From ancient fertility rituals to child's play, dolls have played a vital roll in every day culture throughout time. Dolls are often mirrors of the inner self, or an ally for a wounded child. Dolls have enthralled our imagination, from simplest handkerchief dolls to early pioneers, to elegant Ningyo dolls of ancient Japan"   
" Chris Flynn"
  Spirit Dolls

Wind Horse Spirit Dolls are a call from Spirit to our hearts. They are beings that live in Sacred Time waiting for us to open to their gifts of loving guidance and comfort. They may connect to us in dream time or in Shamanic Journeys. They are a call from Spirit and the Great Mother. welcoming us to deepen our relationship with them.
To purchase individual dolls 


                   Reiki Share  
Dates:  November 4 th 
December  2nd 7:00-9:00pm
                        Thrives in East Greenwich

 Wind Horse HEARTH Circle is a gathering for people of the community to come together in a safe Sacred place for support and soul connection. 
Come  relax and release the stressors of daily life.
    During this gathering you will have opportunity to relax and open your heart to be warmed and nourished.
Through simple breath work and Shamanic Journey, you will connect to Nature and the Earth,  Then opening the circle, trained Shamanic practitioners will come  around and give Reiki hands on healing.
    In this gathering, we will all, become aware of how we are all in the Great Web Of Life
     This is a free event , donations welcome
     100% donations will be sent to OMAC( Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle) to help                 Indigenous  people across the Globe
To also reserve a seat go to:

Wind Horse Hearth Circle / Reiki Share 
                       Fund Raiser

          Epona Safe Haven In Foster RI
         Date: October 21st
         Time: 7:00 - 9:00pm

        Donation $20


 For more information about thia workshop contact Marg 


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Gift Certificates Available

Contact Marg  for more information on this option

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